Summer Riding Spots #1 – Silverwood Lake

Summer Riding Spots #1 – Silverwood Lake


If you’re a native to the Southwest (like us here at you’re probably accustomed to riding mostly desert terrain. Fast and wide open is the way we like to ride. Unfortunately, the desert turns into an uninhabitable nightmare during the summer months, limiting us UTV enthusiasts into the category of seasonal sports. At, we don’t wanna play that game. We want to ride all year long. So we began a search for summer-friendly riding spots that allow you and your riding crew to have fun year round. First up on our list is Silverwood Lake.

We like Silverwood Lake because it’s about a 2 hour drive from our HQ in Orange County and is a ton of fun to ride. If you go, be sure to purchase an adventure pass for parking. The rangers do hand out tickets. The cost for a day pass is about $5 bucks and a season pass is about $35. If you need to buy a pass, be sure not to go to the Chevron as they do not sell passes, the Shell across the street was where we went to buy ours The staging area is about 25 minutes off the 15 freeway and I will input the coordinates at the bottom. After unloading at Miller Canyon staging area, one popular ride destination is to “Devils Hole” which is a creek with water that’s cold as shit. At the time we went (mid June) it was fairly crowded with many other UTV’s. The trails can be very blind so be sure to proceed with caution. Overall we had a great time with mild weather (high 70s) and it made for a great day trip.

Miller Canyon (Staging Area) – 34.27263606680246, -117.2865424847543

Devil’s Hole (Creek Area) – 34.30114678068207, -117.12824235826255

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