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Need More Riders Coming To Your Shop?

We can bring more people to you. We offer a subscription service where you can access to your fully customizable shop listing. You can add more photos, update business hours, contact information, your address, and much more. You can make your listing look just how you want it. You can tell people exactly what you do. You can check here to see if your shop is already on the website. Please contact us if you need help with finding your shop.

Join the Largest UTV Network Today!

You can check to see if your shop is already on the website. Use the shop checker to see if we already have you listed here. If you find your shop, go ahead and claim it. Otherwise, your shop is new and you can add it to the website.

What Do I Get When I Join?

Our subscription service grants you access to your fully customizable shop listing.

Here is a detailed list of benefits that you will receive with our subscription service:

  • Get Your Business Listed in the Nation's Largest Directory of UTV Shops
  • Rank higher than other shops on the website and get noticed before others
    • Get this special icon next to your shop that grants you higher placement throughout the website
    • This special icon places you both in front and at the top of many pages which include the home page, the header search at the top, , the shop map under "Find Shops" , and the directory
  • Fully Customize How Customers See Your Business
  • Upload more Shop Photos
  • Specify Manufacturers Serviced
  • Customize Types of Repairs
  • Customize your Shop Description
  • Update Hours of Operation
  • Update Contact Information
  • Update Address

How Do I Join?

Step 1: Sign Up for an Account

Use the shop checker to see if your shop is already on the website. If your shop is already on the website, then you can claim it. If not, then you can add your shop to the website.

Step 2: Update/Verify or Add Your Shop Information

Once you have created your account, you will be taken to the next step of updating/adding your shop information. If you are claiming your listing, then you will see your information already on the form. Update any changes that are needed and add your information to new fields to complete your listing. When you are done, you can preview your listing to see how it will look on the website. If you are satisfied with your changes, then you can submit your listing for the next step. Otherwise, you can continue to edit your listing to make more changes. If you are adding a new listing, then you will need to fill out the required form fields.

Step 3: Select a Subscription Package

Select a subscription package and then proceed to checkout.

Step 4: Checkout

The last step is to enter your payment information and place your order. Please give us 24 hours to finalize your listing and grant you access to your listing. You will be able to access your listing at anytime to update it.