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Dealers are not only the place to purchase UTVs and parts; they also provide warranty work or recalls on your side by side. Manufacturer recalls are very common with UTVs and you might have to bring in your machine for mandatory recalls that fix important safety issues on your SXS. These recalls are critical to address, as there have been many factory recalls due to fire hazards and other possible life threatening flaws in the engineering of the UTVs. Many people purchase extended warranties through the dealer to protect their vehicle. This can be a great option if you are worried about maintenance and repair costs associated with owning a UTV. We have seen many customers with horror stories about their dealerships denying their warranty claims; that is why we created We have the largest directory of UTV shops so that you can find the best shop to service your SXS. Click on the "Find Dealer/Warranty Services UTV Shops" button below to find shops near you.

UTV Repair Services

We have shops that offer a wide variety of services. Take a look and choose the service that you need.