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What Are Others Saying About Your Favorite UTV Shop?

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We have just launched two new sections of the website today for reviews. One is for reading the latest reviews. The other section is for finding shops to review.

You can read some reviews to know what people are saying about the shops that you have visited. Once you feel like writing a review, there are a few different sections that you can fill out.

Reading Reviews

Reading the Latest Reviews

When you read the latest reviews, you can see what other people are saying about your favorite UTV shop. If you just want to read reviews on several shops around the country, then you can use the page links at the bottom to read all of the reviews. This is a great way to see how different shops compare with one another in different states.

Reading Reviews by State

If you are looking for reviews on shops in your state, you can click on a state and only see shops for that state. You can then click on the star ratings to filter shops by their rating. This helps you find the best shops in your state. If you click on the five-star filter, you will only see five-star shops for that state. If you are interested in reading more critical reviews, you can filter the shops using the lower star ratings. It is a good idea to go through the ratings for each shop so that you can have an idea of how well they compare to each other in your state.

You can also sort the ratings for each shop from highest to lowest so that you can easily score how well the shops rate.

Searching for Reviews

If you know what shop you want to read reviews for, then you can use the shop search to find shops quickly. This is best if you just want to know the reviews and rating for a single shop.

We offer several ways for you to find and read reviews on your favorite UTV shops because we want to make sure that you are informed on your next visit.

After reading some reviews, you might want to write a review yourself. Writing reviews is a great way for us to help each other know more about the shops that we visit and help them gain feedback from their customers. UTVRepair is a place by rider for riders, so we always think about you and what we can do make finding the best UTV shop for you easier.

In the next section, we talk about how to write a review for your fellow riders.

Writing Reviews

Star Ratings and Uploading Images

When you write a review, you can select star ratings from up to five stars in three different categories:
  • Pricing
  • Service
  • Overall Rating

Tell Us How They Did

After you give each category a star rating, you can upload and share images to include with your review. Let people know how good of a job a shop did for you and show what you rig looks like afterward. Or, if you came in to buy a new vehicle, let us see it.

After you upload your images, you can comment on the shop and submit your review. Reviews are important because they let others know the quality of a shop and if there is anything that people should know before going there.