Everything Wrong With The Can Am X3

So you’re looking to get into a new sporty side by side and chances are you’re torn between the Can Am and Polaris. Both machines have their pros and cons, and we’re here to tell you about some of the biggest issues with the Can Am X3 so you can make an informed decision when purchasing.

For starters, we think the Can Am X3 is an incredible UTV, seemingly limitless power along with great suspension design, which leads to a driver and passenger experience that is both comfortable and exciting.

Can Am X3 Rattling Noise

To start off the list we’ll begin with one of the most worrisome noises in any vehicle, the rattle. Now the Can Am X3 has a few points that cause clicking and rattling and we’ll start from the front.

Can Am X3 Sway Bar Links Clicking

The front sway bar links on the Can Am X3 are notorious for being extremely noisy and sound like your front end is cracking while driving. This is caused by the sway bar links on the front of the car backing out. The reason the hardware becomes loose is mainly attested to poor part quality and quality control issues. In our experience, no matter how much Loctite is applied, the linkage will always back out and result in an ear jarring clicking noise.

How To Fix Can Am X3 Sway Bar Link Rattle?

Luckily, the aftermarket is extremely strong in the Can Am sector and offers a wide variety of solutions to this issue. One thing that we have seen done to remedy the clicking is removing the sway bar links entirely and Zip tying the sway bar out of the way. We really advise against this method as the body roll on your Can Am will become much greater giving you and your family a much greater rollover risk. Many of the big name after market parts manufacturers offer sway bar links that feature an adjustable rod end setup. These are known to be of better quality and less likely to back out upon installation. Check out these links to see some of the top sway bar link setups to eliminate the clicking once and for all!

Can Am X3 Top Sway Bar Link Setups

Can Am X3 Frame Cracking/Shock Tower Cracking

Almost all of the mounting points on the 2021 and earlier Can Am X3s are single shear which means that instead of a part attaching to 2 supports, they only attach to one. This is usually not an issue with road going vehicles but in the case of an off-road car with 2 feet of suspension travel and capabilities of going 90 MPH this can present a bit of an issue. The Achilles heel of the can am X3 is it’s shock tower. The frame is mounted to the suspension in one point making it extremely vulnerable to cracking and breaking even under light use (See carnage Picture below) That is where the aftermarket stepped up and created the shock tower brace. These braces attach from the frame to the other side of the shocks creating a true double shear setup that will give you a lot more confidence through tough terrain. This really is a MUST HAVE on your Can Am X3!

Can Am X3 Shock Tower Braces
Can Am X3 Suspension Rattling/Loose

Like we touched on earlier, almost all of the mounting points on the Can Am X3 are single shear, and the mounting points for the front a-arms are not excluded from this. Luckily, almost every aftermarket parts manufacturer sells a gusset kit to take some of the stress off of the frame. The repercussions of not having a gusset kit is that the mounting points for the a-arms will become like an oval or oblong creating play in the a-arms which leads to failure. This is particularly alarming as front a-arm failure is one of the leading causes of rollovers when operating these machines. The front gusset kit reinforces these mounting points and ensures that the issue with the a-arms turning into ovals does not happen.

Can Am X3 Front Gusset Kit

Can Am X3 Front Gusset Kit


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  • Josh
    September 20, 2023 at 4:11 pm

    There’s a clunking noise in the rear end, every bump/pot hole! Think it’s in the rear shocks, everything is tight nothing loose!
    I haven’t adjusted them still stock, seems like the shocks are over extended after a bump maybe? Any tips or ideas whould be greatly appreciated

    • Jeff
      October 27, 2023 at 7:13 am

      I have the same noise… every bump, pothole. Rock creates a clunk. I think it is the clutch. Have you figured it out?

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