Choosing the Best Can Am Maverick X3 Bulkhead Gusset Kit and Shock Tower Brace On Sale (Smart Shox, XDS, XRS, Smart Lok)

The Can Am X3 is no doubt one of the best UTVs on the market. However, there are several shortcomings in the vehicle’s design that need to be addressed. Arguably, the weakest point in the entire SXS is the very front of the vehicle where the upper and lower A Arms attach to the Maverick X3. This thin sheet of metal is unbelievably weak and is prone to oblonging or breaking at a moment’s notice, causing catastrophic damage to your Can-Am X3. Luckily, there are many aftermarket solutions to resolve this problem. The aftermarket has developed double shear gusset kits, which provide two points of contact for the A-arm bolts to go through.

Tatum UTV Gusset Kit and CT Race Worx Shock Tower Brace
Tatum UTV Gusset Kit and CT Race Worx Shock Tower Brace

Double Shear Gusset Kits

Double shear gusset kits lessen the chance of ovaling out the hole and creating play in the suspension. Another added benefit of these X3 Bulkhead gusset kits is that many of them include extra hardware so that you can reinforce the front of the frame. So many aftermarket companies make a kit so we will name a few of the most popular options. The CT Race Worx gusset kit is one of the most popular options for good reason, their design is solid with the user in mind. Currently, they are backordered for about 3 to 4 weeks. So order a kit soon if you want to have it before the season starts up again. Assault Industries’ X3 Gusset kit is another great popular option as they are local to Orange County. Other manufacturers like ZRP, Super ATV, CA Technologies, S3 Powersports,TMW Off Road, HCR, and Tatum UTV all make similar gusset kits too. All of these kits range from $300 to $500. Some kits are cheaper like the Bulkhead Gusset kit, which goes on sale or clearance around the holidays. When these double shear gusset kits are paired up with a shock tower brace, they create a very capable front-end and an all-around strong Maverick X3 for the driver.

Another Maverick X3 Design Flaw

The next major front-end design flaw of the Can Am Maverick X3 is that the shock mounts use the plastic radiator fan shroud as structural support. This is an issue because plastic generally does not provide good support for the fastest UTV on the market, or any SXS for that matter. The aftermarket remedies this issue with shock tower brace kits, designed to attach to the frame and fit behind the radiator shroud to reinforce the design. These kits are extremely important for anyone who rides their Can Am hard. Companies that manufacture these shock tower brace kits include, CT Race Worx, TMW Off-Road, ZRP, Super ATV, Assault Industries, S3 Powersports, CA Technologies, Tatum UTV, and Deviant. CT Race Worx and CA Technologies pair their kits with limit strap systems to eliminate the Can Am X3 clunk noise by removing about an inch or so of travel. The limit straps do a great job of extending axle and differential life too.

Fitting the shock tower brace with Smart Shox

The Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo RR Smart Shox is new to the market this year and is proving to be a great addition to the BRP lineup. However, the mounting points of the smart shock sensors can create a problem when purchasing a shock tower brace, as the design of the kit can conflict with the mounts. The three shock tower braces that fit Can Am Maverick X3 Smart Shox are CT Race Worx, CA Technologies, and Deviant. Their designs do not interfere with the smart shox sensors and require no further modification to fit.


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