Can-Am X3 Aftermarket Doors Overview

The Can Am X3’s Half door design leaves a lot of room for improvement. Let’s face it we’ve all had the moment of panic when you think your phone fell out and the gaping hole in the door by your feet. Luckily the aftermarket has plenty of solutions to this problem. Items ranging from full door setups to lower door halves flooded the aftermarket ensuring that these types of issues won’t arise again.

Lower Half Door

Lower door halves are a cost effective way to fill in the opening in the doors of an X3 while providing an extra layer of security for your cargo, and protection from the elements.

Here are a couple examples:
  • The OEM lower door panels can be had for around $400 for the X3 and $800 for the Max (4 Seat)
  • More cost effective options can be found on Amazon. This set for the X3 Max is $189.99 While the fit and finish won’t be the same as the OEM option, the price speaks for itself…

Full Doors

Full doors are usually all aluminum and include new door frames. The benefits of full doors include added rigidity and safety. With stronger frames and a higher door line these will prove to be a worthy upgrade over the stock doors.

Here are a few examples:

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